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Signs You Might Be Exposed To Asbestos.

Home is a place where you and your family should feel secure at all times. However, this is not always the case because the house you so call a safe haven might be the exact opposite. There are a wide variety of raw materials that are utilized when constructing a house and among them there might be some that are not completely healthy the sad thing is that a majority of people are not aware which is which and they will innocently move into a new house not knowing they are signing their own death sentence.

An example of a harmful substance used in construction is asbestos found in the roofing finishes, the walls and the like. If your home is recently constructed you might be lucky since asbestos is no longer being used to manufacture home essentials. Asbestos is known worldwide be the major cause of mesothelioma cancer that is very dangerous, mesothelioma is type of cancer that affects various parts of the body for example it can affect the pleural membrane, the lungs and such like organs.

There are some things that you should be on the lookout for so that you can detect whether you are exposed to asbestos without your knowledge. One of such things is that you should know the year which the house you live in was constructed, if it is around the 80s, then there is a high possibility that the walls and ceiling that were constructed have asbestos in them. In case your home has asbestos present the most important thing to do is to ask for help on how to handle the asbestos. Asbestos is not dangerous until it is scratched off and the particles that are commonly found in tiles are too small thus you may not be able to see them.

Asbestos causes mesothelioma that kills within a short time unless it is diagnosed and handled in its early stages, if it is diagnosed late, then the chances of survival of the patient are very minimal. There are some symptoms that are specific to mesothelioma, for example you will tend to feel pain in the lymph nodes and also some torment in the chest.

Based on the type of mesothelioma that you have, the doctor will tailor the treatment method putting into consideration some factors for example the health and age of the patient is one of the things, the younger patients will be treated using radiation therapy while the older ones will tend to be given drugs because they are too weak to handle the radiation treatment. There are some types of mesothelioma that patients weak more than others based on the affected areas.

Another place where there might be asbestos in your home is the fireproofing materials that were used, for example while asbestos tape was commonly used in piping, the ceiling is also another culprit that is most likely going have asbestos.

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