Electric Car Charging Stations introduced in Dubai


DUBAI / Drivers of environmentally friendly electric cars can now be connected to a system of 16 charging stations around the emirate.

An-Intro: Silent vehicles are an irregularity in the streets, but they can for a long time be an undeniable ordinary face for the expedition of people in general, charging stations in twelve workplaces of Dubai Power and Water Expert, who’s one in Dubai Silicon Desert Garden and 3 others ready to be used for a monthly car rental. The specialist aims to show that another 84 points end up in shopping malls, terminals, government offices and nearby private networks. A complete awakening lasts about two to four hours. “We have given and updated this framework to transport it to the country,” said Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, CEO of Dewa.

Dewa Tin Bio shares this project: “It’s the beginning of Dewa, the spearhead of electric vehicles, a vital step towards achieving the goals of a united city and the transformation of Dubai into the smartest of the planet “. The specialist has planned 10 million dirhams for the 100 loading stations. Drivers can purchase Dewa cards for use at open loading stations, and can also be paid with monthly Dewa accounts, at the expense of the house. Despite the minimal oil effort in the UAE, authorities will enter some electric cars.

When it comes to car service, people are very tough on the best of perfection so stay safe with those who are safe for transportation. They prefer to rent a car Dubai than local transport for a quiet haunt, as car rental in Dubai always keeps their cars for all the electric loading services of a cleaned car.

Institution, Europe: As in Europe and the United States, specialist assessments will connect most customers to their car’s car port in the medium term, which usually takes 6-8 hours to fully charge the battery.

“Most cars will be charged at home and when they discover that the battery is low, they will go to the nearest charging station,” Salman said.

Some warnings on the basis of salvation:

  • “It’s cheaper to run on electricity because there is no maintenance, just replace the tires, so you will burn 50% less than on a regular car.
  • It depends on the car, but you will probably drive 100 km, which can cost you 3 AED. We do not just take a today, but by 2020 and 2030 we will see a lot of electric cars in the area. . “
  • The BMW i8 sport utility vehicle has been used in the UAE for one year, while the all-electric version has been introduced.
  • Toyota’s half-and-half Camry vehicles are used by Autos Taxi in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Locations of the most known resorts:

The stations at Dewa headquarters, near the Wafi shopping center and the management at Al Quoz, are solar-powered fuels. Among the various sites, there are Dewa workshops in Al Wasl, Hudaiba, Burj Nahar, Umm Ramool, Jebel Ali and another in the spring, in the Silicon Desert of Dubai. With three stations given start-up activity in one month, take another one to Dubai Silicon Desert Garden and two in the Dubai configuration area. At the same time, each station can load two vehicles

In a few words:

Authorities agree that the shipment is registering more producers in Dubai. “It will not be a problem for us to give food, even to 200-300 customers,” said Majid Ali Hilal, director of Dewa. “Since we piloted the activity, individuals are now information about it and the framework will be prepared for a long time.”

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