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Comparison of Different Roofing Systems

In most households other things like window panels or even doors get to be changed maybe because they no longer give the house the owners perceived beauty but not that they have stopped serving their purpose. In most cases, this does not apply to the roof. Unless the wind has come and blown the roof off or it has started leaking are among the few reasons why a roof may be replaced. Choosing a roofing material can not only be tedious but also confusing especially if you are not equipped with the right information.It is due to the increased number of roofing materials in the market today.

Asphalt shingles roofing
Most homeowners are choosing this type of its advantages. It comes in different color shades thus accommodating most clients.The color options may either be blended or sold. This roof can give you good service of 20 to 30 years if properly maintained and installed. The increased use by many clients makes it too common.

Wood Shingle roofing System
Wood shingles are naturally beautiful. Pine can be used at the time though cedar is what is commonly used to make them. The roof changes to a white color as it grows old. The roof can last for up to 30 to 50 years when maintained properly. This roof is affected by external factors that affect it over the years thus its change in color.

Shingles made from slate for roofing
Slate shingles are very expensive from their purchase to their installation. This roofing material comes in different color shades. It I knew for its durability .

Clay Tiles roofing type
This roof is known to be heavy. It is labor intensive from its manufacturing to installation. For it to give you the expected service it should be installed by a clay tile expert.The initial installation can be seen to be expensive. It has a lifespan of 80 years and over when properly maintained.

Roofing materials that are made to form concrete
Sand water and cement are fixed to make it.They are expensive to install when compare to the asphalt roofing system.They have a lifespan of 40 years.

A roof made of metal
This is the most common roofing system. Its installation is easy whole its purchase is pocket-friendly. It is durable.

Living roofing
This roof is being opted for it is environmentally friendly.This the roof has living organisms and plants living and growing on it. They are costly to install but help in saving costs after. It has a cooling effect thus no need of o an A.C in the home.

The person who installs your roof will affect how perfectly it will serve you. Ensure that you only get a professional roof contractor.

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