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Positive Things You Should Know About Dr. Moshe Kantor

The things that motivate us from within can make us soar to heights of life that are unimaginable. Our self-drive can be both our greatest strength but it can also be our greatest undoing if we are not well prepared to take advantage of it. Most of the times, when people are driven by fear and anger, they opt for the choice of taking the backseat and watch from the stands as things go wrong.

However, there is also another class of people who choose to be rare and thus opt to face the hurdles head on. Dr. Moshe Kantor belongs to such a group of people. We need to examine the struggles he underwent to become the person he is today. We also need to look at the positives that resulted out of his struggles.

Dr. Kantor was born at a critical time in the history of the world where the vestiges of world war II were still a commonplace. The sting of the cold war was also being felt at that time. The entire population of the East was forlorn following these unprecedented happenings. Dr. Moshe, however, chose the path that not so many would take and was able to inspire himself and forge ahead with his life. Today, we celebrate him for his incessant struggle during such adverse moments.

The other struggle that Dr. Kantor had to overcome was the reformations in the Jewish world. The Jewish nation all over the world was undergoing the pangs of persecution from religious extremists. Also, the humiliation of the nation following the world was two left the nation entirely scuttled. His lobbying for the proper respect of Jews has been a struggle that is still at work even to this day. The ensuing recognition of his lobbying is nothing that can be dismissed lightly.

The other accomplishment of Dr. Kantor is his fight for the world peace by his strong stand in condemning the evils of terrorism and the use of nuclear weapons. Being a family man himself, Dr. Kantor has shown us that we should respect the human life regardless of the relationship we may have or not have with such individuals.

Acts of inhumanity such as terrorism and use of fatal weapons usually lead to destruction of much human life as well as property and should thus never be tolerated by anyone. The other consequences that may also arise from such inhumane acts are things that we should also never anticipate to live with. These are some of the lessons that Dr. Kantor tries to put across both in word and deed.

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