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The Need for a Proper Bike Lock

A lot of people use bikes these days, it’s way easier to travel within the city and you can avoid traffic. But the issue here is when parking time is here, a lot of bike owners come back to their spot where they park their bike and notice that the bike is already gone. There are a lot of different bike locks around the market that you can choose from but you have to know that some can be picked easily. You have to choose the best and most durable bike lock you can find to protect your bike in a bike theft area like yours. If you are in a minimal crime area, a think cable lock can be sufficient in protecting your bike.

These thin cable locks will not work against bolt cutters though, the common tool used by thieves in crime filled areas. You have to know that with a casual type of theft, thin cable locks will prevent people from borrowing your bike without asking. In a place where theft is prone, you should go for the steel U-lock which is durable and is also the most recommended type of lock around, you put ir around the frame of your bike and the front tire and a strong, stationary object like a fence or an electric pole. By bringing an extra U-lock, this will help you from extreme theft areas which will lock down the rear wheel, making it even harder for the thief to ride away with your bike. You can either add some cable to it or just bring the bike with you, these are the two things you can do to avoid theft.

Your bike seat can be stolen as well, that is why you should think about locking that down with cable. Or you can have it changed with a piece that will need an allen wrench to be removed in order to avoid having your seat stolen together with your chained down bike. But you have to know that a good bike lock is not that cheap. But if you think about it, a stolen bike is way more expensive than buying a good bike lock. Ask around the place to know about the current situation with bike thefts. The best place where you can get valuable information will be at the local bike shop where the owner will surely know how many owners went back to buy a new bike.

As soon as you get to know the current situation in the area, you can finally start buying the items you need for protection.

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