The Popularity of Women’s Dresses

Until recently, the hemlines of women’s dresses changed depending on what was in style at the time. The trends limited what women felt comfortable wearing in public. Those with thick thighs, for example, would shy away from dresses when short hemlines were in fashion. Shorter women needed high heels to pull off a maxi-length dress. Luckily, that is no longer the case. Designers present dresses in all styles throughout the year so women can select dresses that suit their personalities and preferences.

The Comeback of the Dress

Dresses are regaining popularity because there are really no hard and fast rules dictating what is fashionable. One glance at people on the street makes this evident. There are hemlines in all lengths and angles. Mini dresses, knee length, tea length, and uneven hemlines are acceptable these days. The new style of having the hem longer in the back than in the front, along with the kerchief hem, are very popular because they look great on women of any shape and size.


Loose dresses are cool and comfortable. They can be accessorized with a scarf or large necklace to make wearers appear professional enough for the office. Matching them with a pair of sandals or flip flops turn them into everyday fashion or appropriate beach wear. A shawl will take that style from day to evening effortlessly. A tapered dress is also comfortable as long as it is not too fitted.

Carefully Select Fabrics

Dresses that can be washed and dried in machines are easy-care items. If something needs to be dry cleaned, it is less likely to be worn often. Pay attention when reading descriptions of dresses. Know the fabric and care instructions before making a purchase. It is a shame to pay money for a dress that will spend most of the time at the back of the closet.


Dresses can be expensive, especially unique ones. Retail prices for trendy dresses will be out of reach for some income brackets. Purchasing dresses online are typically much cheaper and accessible to more shoppers. Compare websites before buying because a low price is not a bargain if the quality is poor. If the dress will fall apart after a few times in the washing machine, it will not save money at any price.

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