Tips That Will Benefit You in Your Online Shopping Experience

It is a known fact that online shopping is one of the most pleasurable experiences for the teenagers of the present generation. Here you can conveniently compare the price range of different products, browse through the endless varieties of colours and designs sitting in the comfort of your home. Whether you need to buy branded t shirts in the festive season, or the latest cosmetics range, or consumer durables the experience in online shopping is simply mind-blowing.


But, you should also keep in mind that online shopping has also caught the attention of the cybercriminals. They are here to exploit you taking advantage of your unsuspecting simple nature. With many reports of cyber crimes in the recent past, it can be said that online shopping comes with some added risks. The unscrupulous people take advantage of the unwary shoppers and indulge in heinous cybercrimes. Here are some tips that would benefit you during your online shopping experience.


  • Use Familiar Online Portals

It is always a good idea to use a trusted site like Bewakoof, Myntra, Jabong, Amazon, Flipkart or eBay while shopping for branded T-Shirts, cosmetics, electronic gadgets, etc rather than using a search engine. You can easily download the app of these popular portals on your smartphone and make your shopping a pleasurable experience. There are many reports of search engines getting rigged and lead you astray. This generally happens after you drift past the first few pages of links of an unfamiliar website. If you are purchasing from a known site then there are fewer chances of its getting ripped off. Beware of the spelling errors in the portal, for example, a .net instead of .com can be misleading. These are the oldest tricks in the block used by cybercriminals.


  • Look Out for https URL and The Padlock Symbol

Netscape, the renowned software company has developed an online safety protocol as “https” which can encrypt the information of the customers so that the data provided by you can be kept private and protected. You should never indulge in any type of online shopping from a portal that does not have the secure sockets layer or the SSL encryption installed in the URL. The ‘s’ in the ‘https’ denotes secure. Do not forget to check the padlock symbol which precedes the text in the URL of all the major online shopping portals. This two safe precaution can save you from the onslaught of cybercriminals.


  • Use Credit Cards and Secure Payment Services for Shopping

The credit cards are considered safer than the debit cards while shopping. This is because in case of a credit card the account is not linked to the funds actually owned by you. There is also per day transaction limit on the credit cards which can save you from your information being stolen and used by someone else. The secure online payment service like PayPal, PayTM, etc is better options to be used during online shopping. They act as a safe middleman during the payment. You deliver your payment to them and they can finally pass on the payment to the online shopping portals.


  • Be Wary of Dodgy Offers

When you come across a tempting unbelievable offer it is advised not to jump at it instantly. If the offer is too good to be true, there are chances of some malefic intentions on the part of the online retailer. Sometimes new portals offer a price which is a fraction of the actual cost of the product. There are plenty of chances of scams which are going to hook you with their tempting offer. You should be doubly vigilant during the festive sales when infected software tries to mingle with the genuine offers made by renowned portals.


So, finally, it can be said that online shopping is definite the latest trend which has taken the nation by storm. But it is advised to be safe and secure during your shopping spree.

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