What Is Black Diamond ? and Real?

There’s a meaning to most of the precious items in this universe, and the black diamond is no different. Given their black color, which represents authority and strength, it is appropriately mysterious. In addition to the diamond in general, the gem allows something that brings to mind a wealthy and significant person. The black diamonds are less established than the white diamonds of their counterparts.

In addition to their distinctive appearance, black diamonds are considered a sign of close relationships and romance. That is one reason why these gemstones for engagement rings are common.

Black Diamond Overview

A black diamond, otherwise known as carbonado, is something beguiling beautiful. It is assumed that its black color was derived from graphite and carbon. It also has various inner inclusions that influence the appearance of the gemstone.

Initially, natural black diamonds were found in Brazil and Africa. According to scientists, these stones were formed in the earth under very high pressure. Other people believe that they were brought to our planet on an asteroid millions of years ago.

Black diamonds are typically opaque with a vivid submetallic luster that is rarely used as a gemstone. We’re unable to see through them. They are always a carbon base from a chemical point of view, making them pure black and uncommon to discover. Therefore, on the market, it is possible to find an improved black diamond.

Three Types of Black Diamonds

Three kinds of black diamonds exist. But they are only partitioned into two by the critical class: regular black diamonds and upgraded colored black diamonds.

1. Natural black diamonds: have a flashier, blackish-grey rock character in their natural uncut nature, often with mottled brown or green streaks. They comprise hematite and pyrite, which grants them the intense dark color they are famed for. The gemstone usually consists of several fractures and is regarded as less durable than the colorless diamond, making it harder to set.

2. Treated black diamonds: they start as natural diamonds of low clarity and go through treatment to alter the color of the stone. They often begin as gray, heavily included, and undergo treatments at high temperatures. The device graphitizes the fractures that make them black. A dark green that makes it look black to the naked eyes may also generate the artificial irradiation of particular diamonds.

3. Man-made/ simulant black diamonds: the chemical, physical, and optical properties of this kind of diamond are not the same. Gemologists call them imitations because they are made of materials or natural materials grown in the laboratory that closely mimic the particular gem. These black diamond simulators are made using glass and colorless quartz, topaz, sapphire, beryl, and zirconium in the laboratory. The ingredients are heated to a melting point and then cooled to solidify.

Are Black Diamonds Real?

Black diamonds have the same chemical composition and are thus authentic diamonds as white ones. Sometimes they are categorized into the same color as chocolate diamonds, but with their onyx-like color, a genuine black diamond would be almost opaque.

Unknown to those who believe that black diamonds are simply stones with too many inclusions to appear black, its inclusions and unique structure impact their color. The reason as to why they reflect light, most of which is absorbed by the stone. 

Lots of other black gemstones are in the market. So, if you’re searching for a black diamond, you need to make sure you know the true one. Taking the diamond to a gemologist is the perfect way to say. To decide whether the black diamond is genuine or just a human-made one, they use specialized instruments. The best way is to purchase trustworthy distributors who sell theirs with a GIA certificate like Gemone Diamond.

Caring For Black Diamonds

The essence of black diamonds is such that hundreds of microscopic fractures can be present. These numerous fractures made the black diamond more vulnerable than colorless diamonds to breakage from sharp hits. When cleaning them, do it as for any other fragile gemstone. 

By taking a cautious approach, do not use vapor or ultrasonic cleaning devices that can cause damage. Here’s how you can keep your black diamond sparkling.

  • Soak your diamond in warm water for 10-15 minutes. This will enable it to loosen dirt, oil, and grime. Soak a little longer if dirt is still stuck.
  • Make a non-detergent and water solution and place the diamond inside. Ensure the diamond is completely covered and remove after an hour.
  • Use a light, gentle touch with a soft bristle toothbrush and scrub gently.
  • Carefully rinse the diamond under hot water and buff the stone with a soft cloth.

Black diamonds are rarely found, so it is hard to get them from a physical retail shop. However, you can get the original black diamond from Gemone Diamond, a trusted diamond online retailer. We specialize in diamond jewelry, and you can get your black diamond engagement ring at competitive prices.

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